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Jewels on Wilshire gives you an opportunity to buy, sell, trade and loan Gold, Silver, Platinum, Diamonds and other precious metals and stones. We offer the best price for loans in Beverly Hills and all of Los Angeles. Jewels on Wilshire is a leading provider of Los Angeles pawn services.

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Looking for Beverly Hills pawn services?

We offer top cash paid for gold in Beverly Hills

Jewels on Wilshire is a pawn shop that lets you sell for cash or sell on consignment. We are one of very few pawn shops in Los Angeles that give you an option to sell on consignment. You can sell your rolex, sell cartier used watches, sell jewelry and sell other pre-owned valuables that hold their value forever.

We will buy your luxury watches and jewelry to sell them to those interested in buying pawn shop watches, like pawn shop rolex and cartier used watches, pawn shop wedding rings and more for the best price on the market.

Looking for used gold rolex for sale, pawn shop wedding rings, or pawn shop watches?

We Sell Luxury Watches and Jewelry


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Looking for quick collateral loans in Los Angeles?

Receive a fast cash loan appraiser and get a quick collateral loan for jewelry, watches or other valuables. Our shop is a premier provider of collateral loans in Los Angeles, as we are happy to offer the highest price in Beverly Hills for your gold and other valuables. We've proven our professional approach over years of experience in the field and would like to offer you pawn services in Beverly Hills.
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Beverly Hills Pawn Services

Whether you are looking to sell an item for cash or receive a cash loan, Jewels on Wilshire is the best pawn shop in Beverly Hills. We provide supreme Los Angeles pawn services and offer the highest price paid for valuables when you pawn for cash at our pawn shop. Get the best pawn prices for gold, other precious metals and precious stones.

Sell on consignment

Looking to sell your gold for cash? You don't have to settle for a sale for cash right away. We offer you another option which is to sell on consignment. If you choose to sell on consignment you may get more money for your jewelry, watch and other assets. Selling on consignment means that you will receive your payment depending on a sale value after your item is purchased, usually this amount is higher that a direct sale to a pawn shop.

Sell for cash

Need money quick? Our pawn shop specialists will get you a quote for your valuable in minutes. Selling your asset to a pawn shop is the quickest way to exchange valuables for money. It is a short and easy process. We offer free appraisers, buy for cash, and offer the best Los Angeles pawn services. After meeting our professionals and getting their detailed evaluation of your goods, you will leave the pawn shop knowing you received the best deal in Los Angeles.

Get a collateral loan

Looking for ways to borrow money for a short period of time? If you know that you will be getting cash soon, but you are in a rush and need money as soon as possible, a collateral loan is right for you. We offer the highest collateral loans in Los Angeles. First, we will evaluate your items and lend you the amount of their worth. Your items will serve as a promise that you will pay us back, meanwhile we will keep your valuables secure until you return to get them.

Trade watch, jewelry, and assets

We often find ourselves owning valuables that we don't quite find useful. Why not trade?! In our pawn shop we keep beautiful jewelry and watches that may just fit your taste. Bring in your precious metals and precious stones and exchange them for something that would make you proud owning. You will receive the amount of your item's value off your new purchase. Make use of your old valuables kept away from the sight, and get something you truly want and will enjoy!

Sell your coins and currency

Can I sell my gold coins?

Yes! Many of us have collected or been given gold coins, silver coins, or heritage coins. Often we don't know their value, or we don't spend time with our collection. It may be time to sell those coins and get cash! To sell coins in Los Angeles, you need a numismatist, a trusted specialist who understands the history and value of the coins. You need a business that will also give you a fair price when you sell your collection coins. Jewels on Wilshire is a Beverly Hills pawn shop that you are looking for. If you have decided to sell you gold coins, silver coins, or heritage coins, bring them in for a free appraisal. Our appraisals are always obligation-free.
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Need to resize jewelry, resize ring, resize a watch or create a unique jewelry design? 

Jewelry Repair and Custom Jewelry

As a part of our Beverly Hills pawn services we offer resizing services for rings, jewelry and watches, as well as jewelry repair services. Jewels on Wilshire also offers jewelry cleaning, jewelry polishing and watch polishing services. We will make your jewelry look new and feel your own!
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