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Pawn Fine jewelry and get quick funds

You want quick easy cash against your jewelry? Yes, you heard it right! Jewels on Wilshire is the pawn shop jewelry that will help you meet your quick cash needs within 24 hours.

Or always wanted to surprise your significant other with fine jewelry? Choose from a wide selection of brands, styles and variations here.

More than just an adornment

We all adore fine jewelry for the happiness and sentiments it evokes in us. Your jewels make you feel special on your fancy occasions. Sometime they have been passed down as heirlooms from ancestors.

However, there is more to them than just their physical appearance and sentimental value. Your jewelry can be a source of providing extra cash like pawn loan for you if you decide to pawn it. Instead of keeping your jewelry inside a box in your cabinet, you can get a loan in exchange for it from reliable Jewelry Pawn brokers like us.

Funds Released within 24 hours

With the credit crunch it has become even harder to source funds especially when the need is urgent and credit scores do not favour you. pawn shop jewelry will offer you quick cash for gold of you needs in as little as 30 minutes.

And it’s safer

Selling at a Beverly Hills gold pawn shop is way safer as compared to selling to complete strangers. No cold calls to attend – no second guesses about whether it would be OK to go meet that person God knows where.

Pawn sell or buy Jewelry

Diamonds and diamond jewelry

Diamonds jewelry might be your best friend in the time of you need too. You can bring your diamonds at Jewels on Wilshire, and get fast cash in exchange for them after we evaluate their price depending upon the condition and market rates. The interest rate will be market based too. Rest assured we promise to offer the most competitive rates.

We will be assessing your diamonds and offer you a reasonable amount that you can avail for your needs. This amount will almost be equal to what we can receive against these diamonds in the market in case you face difficulty returning the amount back to us.

We are the best pawn shops in Los Angeles to pawn, your diamonds will be completely safe with us and will be returned in its original condition once you are paid back the loaned amount with the accumulated interest and fees if any.

Platinum jewelry

One of the most precious metals known to man platinum is prized for exclusivity and superior value. Fine platinum jewelry is highly sought after by collectors and couples alike.

If you own some platinum jewelry, you can use them as a source of collateral loans Los Angeles in order to get cash in need. Jewels on Wilshire is the right pawn shop for jewelry when it comes to your platinum items.

Fine gold jewelry

Gold - that soft yellow metal that has captivated mankind’s imagination since millennia. Prized for its famous sheen and rarity gold jewelry is a must have for almost everyone.

Pawn Gold Los Angeles is a sure fire way of getting a decent amount of quick cash. Pawn shops are quite interested in accepting or offering cash for gold bars and jewelry but it has to be gold of a certain grade of purity and not just gold plated.

Have some fine gold jewelry - come to Jewels on Wilshire the best pawn shop in Los Angeles for jewelry and get a free valuation today.

Silver Jewelry

Silver pieces may fetch a lesser price as compared to other precious metals but a finely crafted silver jewelry is no less evocative. Some fine jewelry aficionados are silver fans and for good reason its price makes it easily accessible to a larger cross section than gold or platinum.

Factors that affect jewelry valuation

The factors which decide the worth of your jewelry include:

1. Weight

Weight is a significant factor that decides the value of precious metal collectibles. It is measured in ounce. Therefore, the price of your fine jewelry is directly proportional to the weight of the precious metal in it.

2. Open market rates

Precious metals are traded on the open market. Therefore, their worth is decided by the supply and demand and a host of other factors. Price fluctuations are common for precious metals.

3. Purity

Purity is also one of the important factor. The more the amount of gold, platinum or silver your piece has, the more is going to be its value. Pawnbrokers all over the world assess the precious metal jewelry items to see if it is mixed with any other metal or not.

After the weight and purity of to-be pawned item is identified, it is then multiplied with the market rate to get its actual worth. Any pawn shops for jewelry would calculate value of your piece in a similar way to give you the best rates.

4. Quality of craftsmanship

For some designs, the labour costs associated with your item is also considered. The worth of any jewelry lies in the way it has been crafted. The attention to the detail of design has its own significance.

5. Condition

The condition of your jewellery is a major decisive aspect of the money that you will get through pawn. Normal wear and tear brings down the valuation. So does any damage or repair.

6. Brand

Some fine jewelry brands carry a premium value as compared to others.

7. Antiquity and rarity

Antique pieces are sometimes also prized so too are rare or one of a kind pieces.

8. Complete accessories

If your jewelry still has its complete accessories, you are most likely to get better valuation. Make sure you bring all the packaging and boxes with you in order to get yourself the best deal.

Valuation of Diamonds

The valuation of diamonds would be based on the following factors, we call them the 4 C’s:

  • Carats – Diamond carats are the measure of weight of the diamond
  • Cut - the symmetry, proportioning and polish of a diamond affects its value.
  • Color – Diamonds range in colour from white, blue, yellow, orange, red, green, pink to purple, brown, and black.
  • Clarity – Diamonds are also graded on the basis of how clear a stone is.

Popular jewelry pieces

An indicative list of popular items that can be pawned or sold at our store is given below. Please note that that the list is not exhaustive, there are too many variations and designs in fine jewelry to be enumerated here.


Rings embellish and adorn fingers. Fine rings made from precious materials may be worth a lot of money. But more importantly the monetary value, rings also hold great emotional and romantic value. This makes ring a perfect implication to represent the goodness of love in a relationship. Such is the appeal of this piece, that artisans across the world have designed and crafted numerous types of rings for rejoicing and celebrating everything from Anniversaries, Weddings, Births, Baby shower, Engagements etc.

Consult Jewelry Pawn brokers visit us for a free valuation


A necklace is s kind of ornamental chain in the form of string of beads, jewels, or links worn round the neck. It is worn as an emotional piece, meant to hold personal tokens such as a lock of hair, a photograph, or, before the invention of photography, a little portrait painted on ivory. They are made from various metals and with different techniques, often set with gemstones and etched or coated.

Need Cash for gold? - visit us if you have a fine necklace


Bracelets are a piece of jewellery that is worn near the wrist. If a bracelet is a distinct circle, it is then known as a bangle. Another variation is the anklet which is worn around ankle. There is also a boot bracelet which is used to embellish boots. Jewelry bracelets sometimes comprise of jewels, shells, gems, metal, or plastic rings, pearls and many more materials.

Get a no obligations free and fair valuation of your bracelet.


Earrings are a classic but simple ornament. They are a constant fashion favourite. Earrings comprises of metal balls, gemstones, crystals, other adornments and decorations include wood, plastic and stones. Ideal for those who wants to find quick accessories at reasonable prices.

Sell or Pawn your Earrings.


A choker is a tight-fitting band and it is worn around the neck. Chokers are made of a range of materials which includes, brass, silver, gold and platinum, etc. In recent years, chokers have been popular with a number of celebrities.

Have a fine choker that you think is worth a lot of money – sell or pawn with us.

Get Cash Loan for Your Jewelry

As best jewelry pawn shop in Beverly Hills, Jewels on Wilshire offers secure pawn services for your valuable items that are not in frequent use. It is considered as the safest process of getting an urgent cash within a span of few hours while ensuring your valuable things are in safer hands.

Jewels on Wilshire understands how much your jewelry holds importance for you. We appraise your valuables with utmost consideration. This serves as the reason we are highly keen on providing you with an amount which reflects a true value of your item.

When you bring your jewelry to us, we give our 100% focus to ensure you get a fair deal. The price is determined by its actual market worth. To top it all off, you get the amount within half an hour. If you are looking to sell or buy jewelry, here are 7 tips on how to buy and sell your jewelry at a Pawn Shop .  

Buy from us

You will find these and other amazing brands at our store, at prices that are much lower than your expectations. With a wide selection and friendly customer service we guarantee to give you bargains that you always wanted. One more reason why we are the best pawn shop for jewelry in Los Angeles.

For Her

  • Dazzle her with our stunning collection of fine jewelry that covers everything form everyday essentials to truly unique pieces that would melt her heart. Maybe her weakness is a choker, bracelet, necklace, a ring or perhaps earrings – we have it all.

For Him

  • Given him that special gift, whether it is that cuff links that he always wanted or the bling bracelet that lights up like his eyes. See him smile the way you love most.

Some of the more prominent fine jewelry brands available with us are:

  • Chopard
  • Mikimoto
  • Bvlgari
  • Piaget
  • Graff
  • Tiffany & Co.
  • Buccellati
  • Van Cleef & Arpels
  • Cartier
  • Harry Winston

Don’t let life hold you hostage, enjoy the big and little moments of life the way they should be lived. So, rush to that vacation, pay that mortgage and be on time with your son’s college fee payment – it’s possible now thanks to that fine jewelry piece in your collection and jewels on Wilshire - the best pawnshop for jewelry. Looking to make some quick cash? check out our ultimate guide to pawning

Love this jewels on wilshire in my neighborhood! I bought 2 great unique pieces for friends as birthday gifts. Every time I've shopped, I ended up buying a few pieces for myself (couldn't resist!). Each piece is so unique and crafted. Sales rep. is very friendly, knowledgeable about each artist and their pieces.

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