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Quick Collateral Loans in Los Angeles


Get a loan without risking your credit score

If you are in a financial hardship and require quick cash, you should consider getting a collateral loan at Jewels on Wilshire. 
Getting a collateral loan in our pawn shop will not only get you fast cash but will also give you an opportunity to receive a loan without risking your credit score. 
Getting a collateral loan at the Beverly Hills pawn shop is a stress-free alternative to a personal loan. We offer you a secure method of getting fast money that was proven by many of our customers and has no possible consequences on your future credibility.

What is a collateral loan?

A collateral loan is a loan given to an individual in exchange for an asset that serves as a guarantee that the lender will not lose money. This is how our pawn shop can afford to provide collateral loans and lend you money without relying on and using a credit check at all. A collateral loan is also referred to a secured loan, because, in case if a customer is unable to pay back for the jewelry, watch, or other assets Jewels on Wilshire can resell the asset to regain the losses. This policy allows us to provide you with pawn shop services in Los Angeles when you are in need of quick cash. 
Your Rolex, gold necklace or diamond earrings can serve as collateral that will be handed over to Jewels on Wilshire as a backup in exchange for cash. After a payment agreement with a borrower, Jewels on Wilshire will take temporary possession of the asset and keep it in a secure place. When you borrow money from us you don’t have to worry about not losing your item. In the duration of the agreement, the item is untouchably kept by the pawn shop until the borrower fully pays back Jewels on Wilshire. Once the payment is received the item is returned to the borrower. We understand your emotional attachment to your asset and it’s in our best interest to get your item back to you.

Who can get a collateral loan?

Everyone who is an owner of materially valuable items qualifies for a collateral loan with Jewels on Wilshire. You don’t need to have a great credit score or any credit score at all! We will get you the best price for your jewelry, watch, and coins regardless of who you are and your background. Jewels on Wilshire will not ask you about your income and situation. We understand that everyone faces unpredictable expenses on a regular basis, but we believe this shouldn’t be a reason to get you worried. Jewels on Wilshire is here to help you get through the tough times and get back to financial stability anytime you need us. Grab your Cartier used watch and bring it to the Beverly Hills pawn shop for an appraisal. You don’t have to give up your valuables forever or risk your credit, even if you need money immediately. Jewels on Wilshire is here for you! To make it even more convenient, you can stop by our shop for a free appraisal any day of the week, including Sunday if you simply make an appointment.






Don't see what you want to pawn?


What can you pawn for cash?

All pawn shops are unique in items they accept. It depends on how knowledgeable an appraiser is, as well as experience with how valuables can be resold. If a pawn shop does not feel confident that they can regain the full amount of the loan by reselling the item, in case of a payment default, a pawn shop will not offer you a loan. The item you can get a collateral loan for at the Beverly Hills pawn shop has to have material value. Your valuables may have emotional value to you, but the evaluator will have to give you an objective price based on the market value of your item. 

The best items to pawn at the pawn shop are your jewelry made of Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Rubies, and other precious metals and stones; your luxurious watches, like Piguet, Patek Philippe, Chopard, Rolex, Hublot, Breitling; and collections coins, including gold coins and silver coins from all over the world. With Jewels on Wilshire, you can also pawn gold bars, silver bars, platinum bars, individual stones, like Diamond, Ruby, Sapphire, Bixbite, and more.