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Looking for the best pawn shop in Beverly Hills? Jewels on Wilshire promises to give you the lowest interest rates and the best market price. With us, you can always make quick cash by pawning or selling your valuables. Or, you could surprise your significant other with something that is sure to hold value.
A pawn shop gives you cash against your personal property (in our case, fine jewelry and watches, rare or precious coins and bullion). It lends you money by keeping your valuables from Beverly Hills loan pawn shop. No credit history is required, no default is reported anywhere. We specialize in high-value, short-term fine jewelry and watch loans. Selected for the 2019 Best of Beverly Hills Award in Pawn Shops. We always offer fair, accurate market appraisal on fine assets serving since 2009. 

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Jewels on Wilshire offer the most competitive and highly affordable interest rates for any pawn shop in the Beverly Hills area. Moreover, our charges are lower as compared to other pawn shops situated in Beverly Hills. We emphasis to help you in your crucial times unlike our competitors, we don’t charge for valuations. 
While you can have wide range of choices. Our inventory covers an extensive variety of pawn items. Be it contemporary or classic, we’ve got it all. In addition to this, we also operate at the luxury end of the spectrum. But none of this would require you to pay extra charges. What you pay in interest and fees is largely determined by the law, term of the loan, prevailing interest rate and policies of the pawn shop among other factors. 

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Beverly Hills is an exciting place for pawning, with several established pawn shops operating in the area. We, at Jewels on Wilshire, sincerely believe that this competitive environment is not only good for the customer but also for the businesses. Being the best Jewelry pawn shop Beverly Hills we offer up to 50 % lower prices and value transparency and honesty to develop a trustworthy establishment. We as Online Pawns Beverly Hills offers you to get the best deals in the town operate at the luxury end of the spectrum. You don’t have to worry about any kind of hidden charges when you pawn any item with us or require fast cash for gold. You’ll find our valuations to be fair and in line with the current market trends. Understanding the uniqueness of each client and offering the highest paying pawn shop near me is what concerns us the most. You will find professional pawn brokers to be courteous and willing to go an extra mile for you. 

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Located in Beverly Hills, Jewels on Wilshire is proud to be amongst the top-ranked pawnbrokers of all time. We don’t only provide the service of pawning your valuable items but also what’s inside our pawn shop that is hard to leave. We believe that there is a shopaholic in all of us that strives for getting our hands at the best thing that we can find whenever we want something. Furthermore, we also want to have it for the best price. Hence, believe us when we tell you:
The best place to find the most valuable things is at a pawn shop; this is exactly what we offer here at Jewels on Wilshire apart from Beverly Hills gold pawn shop. 

Phenomenal owner, and a HIDDEN GEM (no pun intended ). Very knowledgeable, and honest! in Style, and quality of jewelry. I can just tell you this guy is obviously the kind of person you can go to where if you're looking to get something just as high quality and beautiful and authentic looking of a piece from these other diamonds that are identical except your paying for the name and brand . This your guy, and your place to go. He also told me you can make custom pieces which is amazing I love that kind of stuff to be able to express yourself enjoy especially high-end Jewerly that's just a dream come true. In closing; pay half the price of visibly indistinguishable Or pay more. It's kind of an intelligence move. ;)

Meagan C.


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