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Get Superior Jewelry Buying Experience


Jewels on Wilshire only carries jewelry crafted with superior materials and exceptional quality. Our wide collection of breathtaking beautiful jewelry will enrich your jewelry buying experience. The pawn shop’s current customers, who have experienced our service and explored some of our products, know that we only carry the highest quality of pre-owned jewelry made with gold, silver, platinum, diamonds, gemstones, and more.

Sell or buy jewelry

Our method of jewelry buying from past owners and reselling to new customers has proven itself for over a decade. The Beverly Hills pawn shop, not only gives a great amount of cash for jewelry to previous owners, but also offers the best prices to those interested in jewelry buying in all of Los Angeles.
Worried about the jewelry being pre-owned? Almost all jewelry is melted, moved from other jewelry and reshaped because some precious elements are actually non-renewable! Now you know that, when you “buy new jewelry” from a jewelry store, you are overpaying for the same old materials. What may further shock you is that some jewelry stores shop at pawn shops themselves to resell, so why pay extra?! You can get jewelry at our pawn shop for up to half off the retail price, so if you are looking for fine jewelry for a good price, there is no better place to look than Jewels on Wilshire.

Many people think they can’t afford fine jewelry, but you are no longer one of them since we’ve made the jewelry buying possible for you! You will buy the same brand and same materials for less money. There may be a special occasion in your life for which you need to buy a gift, but that doesn’t mean that you have to pay a fortune jewelry buying. Whether you are looking for earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings or any other jewelry essential, such as wedding rings, Jewels on Wilshire will save you a lot of money! 
Now that jewelry buying is affordable, you can get a perfect gift in any style desired. The wide assortment of sizes and types of jewelry will make the decision easier. Plus, our team would love to help pick the perfect gift starting from timeless female diamond rings to bracelets for males. Jewelry buying does not need to be stressful and limited by a high price, at Jewels on Wilshire you can bargain the price for classic and trendy designs from gemstone pendants to pearl necklace.
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Pawn shop appraisal

With Jewels on Wilshire you can shop with confidence knowing that you are getting the best price and the highest quality. We carefully evaluate jewelry during the jewelry buying process to make sure we are only purchasing highly valuable items. Hence, when you buy it from us you will already know that if we thought it had a great value to be bought by us, then it sure does for you. Trust our expertise and years’ of experience in determining the true value of the jewelry you are buying or selling. We will also give you an official gemologist evaluation papers which will indicate the characteristics of your jewelry. We will make sure that, when jewelry buying and selling at Jewels on Wilshire, you are as comfortable as one can be.