5 important tips to know before buying a Rolex Watch


Are you looking to buy a Rolex watch?

Then you have to consider certain metrics before doing so.

Because finding the right Rolex watch for the right price is an art.

How to buy Rolex watch that suits you?

When it comes to luxury watches Rolex is considered one of the top brands. And maybe one of the most iconic names in this industry.

Choosing from the vast number of Rolex designs that suits you is difficult. In this article, we present you with 5 important tips that you should know before buying a Rolex watch .

  1. Look for Authenticity
  2. Value Matters
  3. Everything’s about Personal Style
  4. Learn about Maintaining & Care
  5. Right Watch for the Right Occasion

1. Look for Authenticity

Rolex is the most popular name in luxury timepieces. Consequently, Rolex is additionally one of the most faked, modified & replicated watch brands out there.

Most of the imitations are anything but difficult to spot, however, there are some ' super replicas. ' This is why it is hard to spot an authentic Rolex.

There is next to no fluctuation in Rolex's designs, they generally make an ideal item. So if anything appears to be off or strange, it’s likely that there is a problem.

A few things you should consider are the general dispersing of the printing, font, and the heaviness of the timepiece and the sort of development. One approach to decide a Rolex's genuineness is to inquire about the reference number and sequential number.

This is to ensure that the wrist trinket, bezel and design coordinate for that specific watch. You can discover these numbers by removing the wrist trinket and taking a gander at the top and base of the case.

2. Value Matters

For many individuals out there, a pre-owned Rolex would provide them the best value.


Because the chances of getting a better value for money are very high. And one of the best places of getting your favorite Rolex watch is by searching for ‘ Pawn shops near me ’ on the internet.

Yes, you heard it right. A pawn shop Rolex also known as a preowned Rolex can provide value and authenticity at the same time.

Moreover, pre-owned Rolex watches at pawn shops are available in both vintage and current styles. This is why a pawn shop Rolex provides you with a better option to pick and choose the one that suits your style.

Here at Jewels on Wilshire , a pawn shop Rolex is easy to find. We have a variety of brands & designs. You can sell Rolex watches or buy them at great prices.

And the good thing is that you will not be needing the original box and papers to sell or buy a quality pre-owned Rolex watch at a pawn shop.

3. Everything’s about Personal Style

Many expect that owning a Rolex is only considered a ‘ status symbol ’. However, it's not just about having the option to streak your Rolex.

It's about the individual satisfaction of a genuine luxury that you own. When you pick the ideal Rolex, it becomes a part of you.

It's not really about cost or materials (like stainless steel) – it's about your overall image. This is the reason it's imperative to research the kind of Rolex watch that would best suit your style, before buying one.

4. Learn about Maintaining & Care

Rolex watches are well-made, yet you need to treat them like any other valuable item. We prescribe doing maintenance for your Rolex once in every 3 years.

Just like servicing a car is important, a Rolex watch also needs care and servicing. This will make sure that your Rolex watch not only looks good on the outside but also works perfectly on the inside.

5. Right Watch for the Right Occasion

For casual to business, any Rolex is suitable. However, if you are wearing a black tie, you should at least go with a Yachtmaster, Skydweller, Air King or a Rolex Submariner. (All of which are Rolex designs)

Want an ideal watch for every event?

Then the reference 5513 Submariner worn by James Bond in the movie named ‘Live and Let Die’ is a perfect choice.